Seamlessly monitoring your every step towards optimal well-being

The MiO Explorer gives you instant feedback and customised tips to help you reach your goals. Whether it's weight loss, improved sleep, fitness or wellness, MiO's proprietary algorithms can help guide you there.


With the MiO Explorer, you're not just investing in a piece of jewelry, you're forging a path towards a healthier, better you.


1. Reliable Insights

With the integration of clinical grade sensors, you can rely on the performance data you receive. 

2. Beyond a Wearable 

This ring is not just a wearable device; it's also a stylish piece of jewelry. At 2.8mm thick, the MiO Ring is the same size as a wedding band.

3. Tough and Durable

MiO is made of aerospace titanium and coated with PVD, making it scratchproof and as hard as steel. No need for protective covers.

4. Free Starter Plan

The free starter plan is designed to get you up and running, familiarising you with MiO's wide range of features.

  • Clinical  Grade


  • Continuous

    Health Monitoring

  • Waterproof (50m)

    Dust and sweat resistant

  • Jewelry Grade

    Scratch and tarnish resistant

includes your starter membership plan



Every MiO Smart Ring comes packaged with our user-friendly Starter Membership Plan, making it ready to start your journey the moment it's unboxed! And here's the best part: whether you're an Apple or Android user, we've got you covered. Plus, you have the freedom to upgrade your plan anytime for a deeper dive into the MiO experience. With MiO, your wellness journey just keeps leveling up!

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Why MiO Can Help You Improve Your Wellbeing

Prepare to change for the better.

why mio can help you improve your wellbeing

Think of the MiO Smart Ring as your friendly companion on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. MiO uses cutting-edge technology, comfortably sits on your finger and brings your health and wellness goals to your fingertips. It works tirelessly, keeping a close check on your sleep patterns, fitness activities, overall health, and even how well you recover.


And that's not all; its high-precision sensors are right on cue, offering you real-time updates on how you're doing, making it much more than just a wearable accessory—it's a wellness partner. With the MiO Smart Ring, you're not just purchasing a smart device, you're investing in a brighter, healthier future.

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Experience a new level of performance and unlock the power of sleep. MiOs state-of-the- art sensors provide accurate and detailed data on your sleep stages, interruptions, and schedule. Elevate your performance, one night at a time.

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Stop dreaming of victory, start training for it. MIO's state-of-the-art technology monitors your activity, fitness, burn, performance, and recovery. Don't just wish for triumph, prepare for it.

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Unleash your full potential and conquer new milestones with MiO's state-of-the-art technology that monitors your heart rate, oxygen levels, performance, and recovery, providing essential feedback to help you dominate every ride.

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95% of useRs get more data, more easily & improved performance after switching to mio

"With my MiO Smart Ring, I can easily understand complicated health data. It helps me get personalised advice on my sleep, activity, and recovery. I'm making smarter, more informed choices for my health, balancing between activity and rest. I appreciate the accurate advice it gives me, and I'm loving the progress I'm making!"


Megan King, Happy MiO Customer

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Style meets substance with the MiO Smart Ring


MiO seamlessly combines fashion and function. Effortlessly monitor your sleep, activity and recovery like never before, all while maintaining a style that sets you apart from the rest.

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Stay on top of your 

wellness game

make a statement doing it with the

MiO Smart Ring.