MyMiO Membership Plans

Free and Lifetime plans available. MyMiO Premium Membership offers comprehensive access to an array of fitness and health data, along with a range of community benefits and additional perks, such as exclusive offers and discounts on some of your favourite brands.

Effective Date: 1 January, 2024

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Jewelry Grade

Round, modern and sleek design

Made from  nano-ceramic (outer) and anti-bacterial stainless steel (inner)

Scratch Proof

Dimensions: 8.5mm x 3mm

Weight: 7g

Medical Grade Sensors

Infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG)

High precision accelerometer

Accurate body temperature sensor (+/- 0.1oC)


Multidirectional touch sensor

Continuous Wellness Monitoring

Continuous heart rate monitoring

Resting heart rate analysis

Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis

Continuous monitoring of blood oxygen saturation levels, with adjustable timing

Tracks respiratory rate and patterns


Offline storage: 7 days

Battery life: up to 7 days

Charge time: up to 90 minutes

Water-resistant: IP68, 50m

Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Emision 5.0

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Recovery Report:

Daily recovery review with recovery score, health suggestions, sleep overview, sleep tips, activity score, previous day heart rate summary, analysis and tips, previous day blood oxygen summary, analysis and tips, previous day body temperature summary, average analysis, tips and sleep body temperature.  Heart rate tracking graph, blood oxygen tracking graph, body temperature tracking graph, menstural cycle tracking graph (women).

Sleep  Management:

Sleep overview with sleep status, hours slept and hypnogram. Holistic sleep score with suggestions. Sleep time, sleep efficiency, deep sleep, REM sleep and restfullness assessment. Resting heart rate during sleep, HRV during sleep.

Fitness Tracking:

Activity calendar, daily activities, goal setting, exercise records, holistic score and guidance, stay active, beneficial activity, exercise volume and exercise frequency assessment.

Activity Tracking: 

Tracks steps, calories burned, activity level and active time. Exercise record keeping for running, wlaking and riding (distance (KM), time, duration and calories burned.

Period Tracking:

Tracks menstrual cycle, calendar overview, period length, cycle length, menstrual start date, tracks days fertile.

SOS in case of emergency:

Discrete touch sensor activation of SOS alert, delivers SMS, picture / video and audio as well as location information to Emergency Contacts.

Smart Life Touch Controls:

Touch interface control is selectable for presentations, music, pictures, video, podcasts, ebooks and other third party applications.

The MiO Smart Ring sets the pace and leaves other smart wearables light years behind. 

Its advanced technology monitors fitness, exercise, performance and recovery providing real-time feedback from its high precision sensors.

Unlock a deeper understanding of your body's rhythms and needs with MiO - your ultimate guide to optimal well-being.


Through real-time scoring, gain invaluable insights and foresight on your sleep patterns, physical readiness, and activity levels, empowering you to make informed decisions at every moment. Know precisely when to recharge, uncover potential for growth, and truly personalise your journey to elevated health. Achieve mastery over your body with unparalleled precision and flourish in your pursuit of greatness.